Welcome to TrueBeing:BeingTrue — a play on my name, Sat Purkh, which is translated as True Being, Beloved of God .

Listen to and download the Adi Shakti mantra we'll be chanting during our 3-hour pilgrimmage to Chimayo! Join us for Woman: Adi Shakti !

My soul is my biggest instrument. My sound is my biggest melody. ©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, August 8, 1975

We've begun a sadhana of singing a prayer to ease the drought in the Western US. We'd love to have you join us.

You can view and download a pdf of the Guru Amar Das Corn Grain and Rain Shabd . There is a recording (free to download) on Sound Cloud .

To practice, recite the shabd aloud 11 times, or sing along with the recording. We'll be practicing for 40 days.

Seed Guru Rowen White ( blog , fb )

2014 Adi Shakti Workshop Registration

Register for the workshop via secure online payment with Paypal or by check.

  • Standard

3 day workshop – includes art supplies, meals, and Ojo Caliente Hot Springs entrance fee. Housing is not included. $284.00


IKYTA members receive a 10% discount. $256.00

  • One Day

Attend the workshop for a single day of your choice. $81.00

Pay by Check

Please send a check, payable to Chiarascuro Productions , to:

  • Sat Purkh Kaur
  • 13B Prosperity Path
  • Espanola , NM 87532