Greetings from the Land of Enchantment

Sopurkh May 2nd, 2015

Sopurkh is a favorite practice of many women in our Dharma. It's one of the three practices Yogi Bhajan specifically mentions for women to perfect.
“There are three things which work for you: Sopurkh, Bhand Jamee-ai and the basic root in which woman becomes woman, which is Ekaa Maa-ee Jugat Viaa-ee [the 30th Pauree]. Those three things are your totalities and this is your reality.”
© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, June 29, 1988
I've written about my experience with this practice before, so I won't repeat it here but I will say that this version is inspired by my Godson, Akal Dhyan. As a woman you can hold in your intention three men in your life as you practice your Sopurkh Recitation each day. Akal Dhyan is one that I hold in my consciousness. It is our duty but also our privilege as women to hold the Divine Masculine in our projection and in our prayers. It is our job to create the environments that mold our young men into sacred keepers of truth and protectors of the Divine Feminine. It is the mother's prayer that allows a child to flourish and grow in the divine light of their own highest consciousness. And it is the woman's prayer that holds her man up to the light of that consciousness and reflects it with each act of kindness, each moment of tenderness, and each word of graciousness.
Offer your Sopurkhs without attachment and see that Infinite God flourish before your very eyes.
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