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The Shakti Mantra May 2nd, 2015

Sometimes referred to as the DNA of Kundalini Yoga, we most often practice the Shakti Mantra in the 2 1/2 breath cycle form--aka Morning Call or Long Chant. But Yogi Bhajan also said you could simply sing it in a sweet voice and experience bliss.
I like to meditate on the yantra Adi Shakti when I chant this mantra. Yogi Bhajan spoke about it in different ways at different times. He spoke of it as a symbol that represents the first prayer, the woman on the hill, with her arms reaching to the heavens. The khanda her spine, the miri and piri her arms, and the chakra the circle of life that her prayer protects.
He also spoke about it as the symbol for union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. The ultimate Shiva/Shakti dance. The khanda the lingam and the miri and piri the woman's embrace, the chakra, the Divine Seed.
Each image is potent in very different ways. One the creative potential of the Word, the power of Prayer; and the other, the creative fecundity of the universe embodied in the union of the polarities.
The mantra itself is a key to remembering who we are: One with the Creator, Truth is our Identity, and Great is the ecstasy found in the moment of insight, illumination and even, liberation.
Meditate on this symbol as you chant and then inhale deeply and allow the symbol to merge entire being. Becoming one with the Infinity it represents.
Or just drive around in your car! This is a great road trip track.
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