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About The Aquarian Teacher™ Program

The Aquarian Teacher™ is a RYT 200-hour Certified Course. It includes the following major areas of study:

  • Awakening Consciousness: The Practice and Principles of Kriya and Meditation
  • History & Philosophy of Yoga
  • Asana: Principles of Alignment
  • Pranayam: Principles of the Breath
  • Sound & Mantra: The Science of Naad
  • Becoming a Teacher: Identity and Projection
  • Becoming a Yogi: Humanology and Lifestyle Studies
  • Professional Ethics and Applied Settings
  • Physical and Subtle Anatomy
  • Practicum: Teaching from Day One

What to Expect

Level One Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is a transformative experience, whether you decide to teach or simply use it as an opportunity for personal growth, you will change. Those changes can be a challenge to your family and your community. Don't take it personally; and definitely don't make any big decisions during Teacher Training. Simply allow yourself to dive deeply into your own identity – and above all, Keep Up!

The course is a physical and mental challenge. Do your best to set up your life to support your Teacher Training experience because, once it's over, your Teacher Training experience will definitely support your life!

Your Community

If you are interested in bringing a KRI Level One Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan™ to your community, please contact Sat Purkh Kaur at

Absence Policy

You can miss one weekend or 20 hours (10% of the course) and make them up with homework; any additional time off, you would need to either pay to participate in another training's weekend or pay for a trainer to sit with you and go over the content – basically paying for a private session. You can also work with a peer to have the entire weekend recorded; but there would still be a tutorial fee for going over the material one-on-one with someone with expertise.

If you miss more than 20% of the course (even with make-up work), you are not eligible for certification. To sum up: you can miss one weekend, and make it up with homework; if you miss a second weekend, you can pay to make it up in person with a training/trainer; any absences beyond 20%, you are no longer eligible for certification. Of course, you could complete the course for your own depth and experience and we would welcome that; but if you're interested in being certified, showing up counts!

Your Trainers

Sat Purkh Kaur

A KRI Certified Level Three Kundalini Yoga Teacher as well as Lead Trainer in the Aquarian Trainer Academy, Sat Purkh is known for her work in Sound & Mantra as well as Humanology and the Women's Teachings; in 2008 she authored Everyday Grace: The Art of Being a Woman, an introduction to the Women's Teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

Sat Purkh joined the Kundalini Research Institute in 2006 and served as the Creative Director until the fall of 2013. A member of the Teacher Training Executive Council, she serves in developing the Three Levels of Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®, and also served on the KRI Board of Directors from 2014-2017.

She has eight albums of sacred music, Nectar of the Name, Beautiful Day: The Aquarian Sadhana, Queen Be: The Goddess Within, Love & Other Miracles, One: Love, Life, Light, The Pearl: Maiden, Mother, Crone, The Guru Within, and Across the World Ocean. She lives with her husband and their menagerie of animals, and is always at work on her next album of sacred music.

Your Hosts

Devta Kaur

Denys Morgan (Devta Kaur), LMT, YAI-RYT, KRYT has been a yoga and fitness instructor and healing arts therapist for more than 25 years. She has extensive training in various yogic disciplines, including kundalini, hatha, yin yoga, restorative yoga, core strength vinyasa, ashtanga yoga, kriya yoga, "waga" (water yoga), sound therapy, and Osho’s dynamic meditations.

Denys has traveled throughout India, studying at numerous ashrams training with great masters. She has led international retreats to India and Costa Rica and is one of the founders and lead trainers of Cleveland’s Ananda Bhakti Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program. Devta Kaur has experienced kundalini yoga to be particularly healing and is the founder of “Stay Sane” kundalini yoga classes for mental and emotional healing. She has found Kundalini yoga to be the best medicine. Denys is certified through the Kundalini Research Institute and completed her Level I training at the ashram in New Mexico in 2013. She looks forward to working with Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa to bring kundalini yoga to others who have felt the awakening and to lead them to a healthy, happy, and holy life.

Rameshbir Kaur

Rameshbir received her teacher training through The Kundalini Research Institute in 2009 with Harijiwan and Shiv Charan and has been a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga since the '90's. She is a doula and a mother. She continues to study with her teacher, Guru Jagat through intensive 6 month programs devoted to the transformative Kundalini teachings for women.

Rameshbir currently resides in her hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, where she teaches Kundalini Yoga and Meditation on a regular basis. She is imparts the wisdom of the science of Kundalini with a powerful, grounded gracefulness.

Jack Mueller

Jack Mueller (Jodha Nam) is an artist, designer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and founder of Pop Life. He completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training with Gurmukh Kaur at Golden Bridge Yoga in Santa Monica, California. The practice of Kundalini Yoga has had a profound impact on his life and it brings him great joy to be able to share these teachings with others.

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Training Dates

Certification Requirements & Code of Professional Standards

Please read and confirm you understand the following Certification Requirements for this course before registering. Contact Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa at if you have any questions.

  • Attended all Teacher Training classes – 180 contact hours minimum
  • Completed 20 hours of Kundalini Yoga Classes*
  • Performed satisfactorily in the practicum
  • Created two acceptable yoga course curricula
  • Complete a 40-day yoga set/meditation; 11 minutes minimum
  • Participated in at least 5 Aquarian Sadhanas – 2½ hours each for a total of 10 hours
  • Participated in one day of White Tantric Yoga before the end of the course*
  • Read, understood, and signed the Code of Professional Standards for Kundalini Yoga Teachers
  • A self-directed individual or group seva project
*External Kundalini Yoga Classes and White Tantric Yoga are not included in the price of the course.

Please review the IKYTA Code of Excellence before you register for Teacher Training.


This training will be held at Pop Life Studios (15619 Waterloo Road) in Cleveland.


  • Early Registration is $3,100 (save $500!). Available through July 9th, 2018. After that, tuition is $3,600.
  • You can either pay in full, or make a deposit of $600. All payments must be completed within 90 days after the start of the course: December 6th, 2018.
  • Refunds are available less expenses (books, training and license fees) up to and including the first weekend of training. No other refunds are available.

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